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ELOKON invests in gate-startup Filics


Safety and assistance systems manufacturer ELOKON announced that it has invested in gate-startup Filics, which has developed an innovative autonomous transport robot. The Filics concept is based on two mechanically unconnected skid units which drive independently into Europallets to lift and transport the load directly to wherever it is needed in a safe and digitally controllable manner. The system will transform existing handling procedures and enable the creation of completely new ones – from classic load transportation to efficient and fully automated floor storage. The first practical field tests are scheduled to start this autumn with companies in the automotive, freight forwarding and food logistics sectors.

The seeding round was headed up by the venture capital company 10x, together with the participation of ELOKON Ventures GmbH, Robotics Ventures, the Initiative for Industrial Innovators, as well as Dr Klaus Dieter Rosenbach, former Chief Technology Officer of Jungheinrich AG.

„We were particularly impressed by the very professional fundraising process conducted by the young, dynamic and focused Filics team. We believe that there is strong potential for the patented Filics solution for applications across diverse industry sectors and also recognise a synergistic bond between Filics and ELOKON. We are looking forward to supporting Filics as a partner in the further development, marketing and sales activities for this smart new transport robot. As a next step we are planning a so called TechChallenge, whereby ELOKON’s technical engineering team will put the Filics solution under close scrutiny to foster further product development. We have also extended an invitation to Filics to exhibit their product at ELOKONs stand at the LogiMAT 2022 trade fair in Stuttgart.“


Alexander Glasmacher, Managing Director at ELOKON GmbH

ELOKON Ventures focuses on early-stage investment in promising start-ups in the intralogistics sector. In addition to providing funding, the company supports them by offering them access to it’s existing customer, marketing and supplier networks. ELOKON also enables the pooling of knowledge and experience with our R&D department for optimum product development as well as coaching start-ups in their international sales activities.

For further information, please contact

Maria Johanna Schaecher, ELOKON Business Development Manager

E-Mail: maria.johanna.schaecher@elokon.com