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Dahlia Robotics GmbH

… are a multidisciplinary team with backgrounds in computer science, electrical and mechanical engineering, geoecology and UX design, heavily supported by local farmers. The combination of their skillsets allows them to combine state of the art technologies into new robotic applications. Their solution is a robot which autonomously drives through the field, recognises weeds from … Weiterlesen

TUM Carbon Removal Initiative e.V.

mitigate the effects of climate change TUM Carbon is a student initiative and non-profit organisation from the Technical University of Munich. They envision a sustainable and carbon-neutral world by mitigating the effects of climate change through carbon removal.To do so, they iteratively develop carbon removal technologies and store carbon dioxide as dry ice for decades. … Weiterlesen

capsitec GmbH

puts viruses in quarantine There is no effective treatment or cure for more than 70% of all WHO-listed viruses. As a result, millions of people suffer from viral infections every year, causing numerous cases of death and enormous economic damage. Being a spin-off from the Technical University Munich, capsitec GmbH develops a generic antiviral platform … Weiterlesen

Lumatix Biotech

Technologische Innovation im sichtbaren Bereich Lumatix Biotech entwickelt eine neue Affinitätsmatrix zur Isolierung von Antikörpern, welche mit Licht gesteuert werden kann. Ähnlich der etablierten Isolierungsmethode wird der Antikörper spezifisch durch einen immobilisierten Proteinliganden an der Matrix gebunden. Die innovative Affinitätsmatrix von Lumatix lässt sich allerdings ohne Einsatz von Chemikalien rein physikalisch zwischen den Modi Adsorption … Weiterlesen


Transforming Proteomic Data Analysis with Artificial Intelligence MSAID GmbH [ɛm ɛs eɪd] transforms the way scientists analyze proteomics data. As the leader in proteomics artificial intelligence, MSAID replaces current algorithms with powerful, AI-based solutions and paves the way for a deeper, and more reliable way of interrogating proteomics data. Powered by vast amounts of training … Weiterlesen