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planqc GmbH

creating quantum computers atom by atom

planqc’s quantum computers store information in individual atoms – nature’s best qubits.

Quantum information is processed by arranging these qubits in highly scalable arrays and manipulating them with precisely controlled laser pulses. planqc’s unique combination of quantum technologies is the fastest way to scale to thousands of qubits, a prerequisite for industry-relevant quantum advantage.

The founding team combines decades of international research on neutral-atom quantum technologies. Their quantum computers are built on the precision of the world’s best atomic clocks, the world’s best quantum gas microscopes, and high-speed Rydberg gates.

planqc is the first startup to emerge from the Munich Quantum Valley, which with its vast network of research institutes and industrial partners fosters a unique quantum ecosystem for startups.

Dr. Alexander Glätzle
Email: info@planqc.eu
Internet: https://planqc.eu